Game Attendance Mark

The 1992 Blue Jays reached the one million in attendance mark in only 21 games. Baseball Almanac is pleased to present this historical analysis of baseball.

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11 Mar 2020.

NCAA President Mark Emmert released a statement on limiting attendance at NCAA events as the NCAA continues to assess the impact of.

The Las Vegas Raiders released their first schedule since the move to Oakland, but everyone wants to know; will fans be in.

How to mark attendance on ecare pro| #stkssk  #ecarepro #attendance PLEASE SUBSCRIBE To The CHANNElNever one to shy away from a wild idea, Braves owner Ted Turner in 1978 floated a short-lived plan to play a number of home.

With total attendance figures stretching past the forty million mark and a record audience of 3.5 billion at the last edition.