Reddit Mods Censor Craig Wright Quote

Recently, r/bitcoin mods let one slip through the cracks: a quote by Craig Wright received over 800 upvotes before being taken down by moderators for “vote manipulation.” Apart from censorship by mods, several users reported that their accounts were hacked and used as bots to aid in such attacks, upvoting and downvoting posts without the users’ knowledge or consent.

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You’re thinking adversarially because you have the historical context of previous attempts that were squashed by governments. For Bitcoin to survive, it must be small, nimble and able to run anywhere.

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Reddit Is Banning Trump Supporters In Escalation Of CensorshipAn Australian scientist Craig Wright, who proclaimed himself the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto.

Craig Wright Sues Again For Libel And Insults; Unrecognized Satoshi Files Lawsuit For $130 Thousand Due To Criticism. Legal. 12:59 19/04/2019. share: TELEGRAM FAcebook Twitter REDDIT. An Australian scientist Craig Wright, who proclaimed himself the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto.

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