Faucet Script In WordPress

12 Jun 2020.

Bitcoin Faucet is a WordPress plugin that rewards visitors to your site with.

Once you have the CryptoLive script fully configured, the script will.

Free WordPress Plugin: Bitcoin faucet templateStart Earning Now; Bitcoin Faucet PHP Scripts from CodeCanyon; Aditya016 Member unal789 Member.

11 Dec 2017.

This PHP script allows you to create your own Bitcoin ticker and calculator.

Bitcoin Faucet rewards visitors with fractures of Bitcoin (or other.

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Very easy to install and ready to use faucet script. INSTALL NOW Other versions. Faucet in a BOX theme. Multi captcha support. Choose your favourite one!

I know what you mean about the tutorials. Here's how I do it: First you need to write your script. In your theme folder create a folder called something like 'js'.

It's definitely a niche use – but if you want to create a Bitcoin faucet website, this plugin makes it easy and includes other helpful.